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Publisher Product Name/Title Language Award Date
gadgets.ndtv.com Antec Recommendation in NDTV G
Everything You Need to Know About Playing GTA V at. . .
FDSF 2015-04-22
tomshardware.co.uk HCP-1300 Platinum
1200 W or more combined with high efficiency – f. . .
English 2014-08-03
Tom's Hardware Tom's Hardware's Best Of Compu
"The flexibility to expand is an attribute that en. . .
English 2013-07-03
Ribbon.co Antec partners up with Ribbon
To kick off this partnership, Antec is selling a . . .
English 2013-07-01
digitimes.com Antec
The PC market as a whole is contracting, leaving m. . .
English 2013-06-05
nikktech.com Giveaway
This giveaway will last up to the 30th and once ag. . .
English 2013-04-15
gamersnexus.net GX700
It’s been a while since Antec put out a new seri. . .
English 2013-03-26
pcworld.com Kühler H2O 620
So, which is better? Air cooling or water cooling?. . .
English 2013-02-19
hothardware.com GX700
"We’re hearing a lot of talk about mobile at CES. . .
English 2013-01-11
gamersnexus.net GX700
English 2013-01-11
kitguru.net GX700
English 2013-01-11
tweaktown.com TrueQuiet 120 LED
English 2013-01-10